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Marriage is an important step in the life of an individual. It is therefore important for the couple to take necessary precautions to ensure that they shield their lives from unnecessary surprises that may lead to divorce. Understanding the role of each spouse is important and family law solicitors can give the couple a glimpse into the institution of marriage. Remember that religious leaders, parents, aunts and married friends could also help you in understanding this. But what should the couple do before they get married? What is divorce and why is it important to get help from lawyers during the process?

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Premarital checks

These are medical checks that are carried out by a couple before they can get married. They are also known as prenuptial checks and ensure that the couple is aware of each other medical history, the level of medical risk in question and therefore make an informed decision on how they will deal with any imminent medical conditions or existing conditions. It is advisable to have these tests for a number of reasons. First, there are medical conditions that are transmitted from parents to their children. It is up to the couple to decide whether they are ready to deal with such conditions and discuss the alternatives.

Secondly, hiding vital information on health may lead to marital problems in future as your spouse may feel short charged. Having these tests together ensures that your spouse is mentally, financially, physically and spiritually prepared to deal with the condition. Some of these diseases and conditions can be prevented. Therefore, if the couple knows they are at risk in advance, they can work towards cultivating healthy lifestyles such that they can prevent the occurrence of such illnesses as diabetes that results from unhealthy lifestyles.

If the marriage does not work either due to health issues or otherwise, the couple can get divorced.But what is divorce and how does it affect the families involved? Where can you seek help when undergoing divorce?


Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage guided by the laws of the country or state in which the couple is married. There are a number of grounds for divorce but top on the list are irreconcilable differences between the couple. Given that the couple may have children, shared property and they may have divided their duties based on their marriage, almost all countries have a legal system that ensures divorce is done in the right manner.

Need for lawyers

In the event that a couple would like to file for divorce, there is a team of experts that must be involved in order to ensure that everything is done within the law and that the rights and fundamental freedoms of the parties involved are not violated. family law solicitors birmingham and divorce lawyers will advise you on the best and most viable ways to share property that may have been jointed acquired or held, the best child sharing scheme to minimise the effect of the kid's lives, how the extended families should handle the matter efficiently and other things such as alimony payments and child support funds.

Divorce lawyers will also help you in correctly filing for divorce and negotiating the terms of the dissolution on your behalf. They will ensure that you are adequately presented and guided through the legal hurdles that may prove difficult to navigate in the absence of legal knowledge and experience. Remember that if your partner is represented by an experience advocate, and you do not have a lawyer to work with, you may end up getting the shorter end of the stick.