Investigative Services

What is an investigative service?

This is a formal or informal probe into a matter, individual or organisation with the aim of unearthing important information that can be used to form an opinion about the subject of the probe. The probe is usually carried out by trained and experienced investigators. In the past, these services have been used to aid the dispute resolution process in different industries.

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Who would need an investigative service?

Investigative services are available to individuals, private or public companies and even government agencies. The financial sector, retail sector, manufacturing industries, labour unions, not for profit organisations, employee associations, different commissions and enquiry bodies could all use investigative services for one reason or another.

Why would someone need to use investigative services?

Investigative services are an important addition to the dispute resolution process since they enhance the discovery of actual facts or the truth. They can also be used by the legal justice system, in some cases, to aid the legal process. Financial investigations by companies, private investigations into individuals or companies and labour unions may also need these services.

Different companies can use them to get information or business intelligence on competitors, companies that they would like to acquire, or for merger and acquisition purposes, and organisations that the company would love to invest in. Companies can also use them to investigate employees who are accused or suspected of sexual misconduct and other types of misconduct.

Different brands can use the services to understand what their clients want and how they can effectively deliver it. This may be for existing products and services or for those that the company is exploring introducing to the market. Besides this, it can be used to study the risks involved in a specific brand operation, business line or investment.

Angel investors, private equity firms and other types of business stakeholders can use these services to gain intelligence on the organisations that they would like to invest in. This is usually to support the information provided by the organisation and to discover anything that may not have been revealed upfront.

Victims of different crimes can employ these services to expose evidence that may be required to win their cases especially in cases where the state is not investing a lot in the case or to support the evidence unearthed by the state in the case. The state may also employ investigators to investigate alleged corruption or bribery among its employees.

What are the benefits of using an investigative service?

The companies and individuals who provide investigative services have the skills and experience in the field and therefore they are likely to uncover things that an inexperienced person could not have. They also know what information and clues to look for that could easily be missed by an untrained individual. The service provider is also impartial to the parties involved and therefore there is a lower risk of evidence contamination.

These services are also delivered in a timely manner ensuring that the matter at hand is resolved as soon as possible. Besides, they have the skills to conduct the investigation discretely and anonymously if the job calls for it. They also have high level presentation skills ensuring that the facts and information is presented in an effective manner.